Authority Marketing: How to Be Impossible To Ignore

Where does Authority come from? In a word: Responsibility.

Rightful Authority comes from the Leader choosing to be Responsible for his people.

It’s not the boss talking down to their employees.

It’s not shrieking at subordinates who made a mistake.

What would the authority figure do? Take responsibility for the mistake and right the wrong.

Train the employee. Change procedures to prevent the mistake from happening again.

When it comes to working with clients, it means being the Trusted Advisor.

Leading the way to avoid painful and costly mistakes.

In other words, leading by giving.

By having your prospects best interests at heart (and consistently demonstrating this) you are engaging in Authority Marketing.

You share your knowledge and advice openly and with a heart to serve.

You put to words the Problems, Frustrations, and Fears of your ideal clients. (Better, perhaps, than they can even describe their problems.)

This naturally leads to prospects assuming you have the solution to their problem.

In your marketing you highlight the negatives of inaction. The painful future or unintended consequences of ignoring the problem that you can solve.

Will this make people uncomfortable? Yes. You do it because it’s in the best interest of your client.

You are willing to take responsibility because you have a Vantage – a perspective or insight – that is in your client’s best interest.

When you infuse this attitude and approach into your lead generation, you are engaging in Authority Marketing.

How can you speak more directly to the pains, problems, frustrations and fears of your ideal client?

How can you highlight the positive outcome of engaging with your product or service? The positive outcome your client already wants (not the one you want!)

Do this effectively, and your marketing messages will hit home more often and you’ll see conversions, sales, and engagement rise dramatically!

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