Billionaire Got This from His Poor Dad

Dan Peña, the billionaire from L.A. who now lives in Guthrie CASTLE in Scotland, got a little note from his dad when he was a wee boy, and it read…

“The future is yours. Have faith in yourself.” And he still has the note. How ’bout that?

He didn’t grow up with money. His parents were poor Mexican-Americans but his parents did something right – They didn’t let his brain get installed with Poverty Consciousness.

Other kids were on the street being crazy cholos or whatever and his parents sent him to tennis lessons, dancing lessons, golf lessons.

He doesn’t have any of that “little poor me” thinking… (And if you know the guy I’m talking about he’s loud, curses like a sailor, f***ing crass and totally unfiltered in how he ATTACKS life and business.)

He mentors people (you can see some videos on YouTube) and the spit Violently Ejects across the room and veins pop out of his forehead because he thinks of something F***ING IMPORTANT about the “YouTube MORONS” who are BROKE because XYZ reason… He’s 73 and full of fire ?.

I mean, he’s a billionaire so clearly he knows stuff about making money. He bought a castle from Scotland, so..

He’s not for everybody, that’s for sure. That’s the point. His style might piss you off. Maybe even his students get angry at the things he SHOUTS at them…

But being angry and punching back at the demon with the teeth that wants to eat you alive is … Motivating.

So – Enjoy this little note from the billionaire’s dad.

If you have kids, and you’re from a humble background, consider what money mindset you’re installing.

And if yours SUCK try NOT to pass those along, the future generations will forget and not thank you for it but it’s helpful to do for everybody else. ? Plus your kids will prob have a better life as a result.

Have a great weekend ??

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