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How to Research Your Target Audience

In this video I discuss: Why You Should Do Market Research and How to Research Your Target Audience Tools to Get Started: Google Autocomplete YouTube Autocomplete Enjoy! – Jonathan

How to Use Content to Make More SALES…

In this video I share how to be strategic so that all the content you create serves a specific business purpose: Driving sales ? First, we must identity the specific customer’s problem, need, or desire. Then we can have the proper context of how to reach that customer with our […]

Why Music and Sales Copy Sail Into Your Soul

Some of you might know that the first time I was on stage was with a guitar, strumming the first song I wrote. Here I am talking about direct-response copywriting. Otherwise known as “salesmanship in print.” That might sound like a strange transition but I assure you it’s not. Both […]

Old Pawn Shop Guitar

When I was 15 picked up an old pawn shop guitar that was in the closet. It was water damaged, had rusty old strings and came with a book that looked like it was printed at Office Depot: “The Easiest Guitar Book in the World.” I was a pretty depressed […]

How To Turn Loser Ads Into Money-Making Machines

Fact: Even expert marketers create ads and copy that BOMBS. A GREAT advertiser will know how to adjust the message and turn that loser promotion into a winner. It’s a myth to think hiring the $100,000 copywriter will result in 100% guaranteed results. That’s why any ethical copywriter will tell […]

E-commerce Emails Every Serious Store Owner Needs

Why do we build an email list? To grow our business automatically of course. An active, engaged email list allow us to: Increase the number of customers we have Increase the amount each customer spends with you Increase how often customers buy from you Here are the email autoresponders you should consider […]

Authority Marketing: How to Be Impossible To Ignore

Where does Authority come from? In a word: Responsibility. Rightful Authority comes from the Leader choosing to be Responsible for his people. It’s not the boss talking down to their employees. It’s not shrieking at subordinates who made a mistake. What would the authority figure do? Take responsibility for the […]

Destroy Writer’s Block and Procrastination with THIS

Are you procrastinating again on that deadline? Instead of seeing it as a negative… Procrastination can serve you by showing that you ought to take a different approach. An approach that is based in your natural instinctual way of problem solving. These are probing questions based in the part of […]

Are You Still Missing Out On “Blueberries?”​

It’s lunch time. There’s a mall and train station nearby. Inside that mall there’s a grocery store. [Creativity Enhancing Payoff In the End…] Everyone else is eating fast food in the food court. But somehow I was magnetically attracted into the grocery store. For what? I don’t know. I meander […]

Super Simple Way To Offer Unique Value with Your Agency

A client asked me to write an email campaign that sounded like, “Ryan Reynolds selling kids toys.” Once I edited out all the F-bombs and inappropriate sexual references it was a lot easier to do! Agencies offer what appear to be the same products/services… when they are all described exactly the same […]

The Best & Worst Niches for Marketing Agencies

It’s a great big world of opportunity out there. Marketing Agencies see all the opportunity and say, “Let’s help our clients bring in the BIG BUCKS… and let’s earn our fair share of the profits too!” But not all niches are set up to be Ideal Clients for a Marketing […]

Email: Your Auto-Magic Marketing Machine

? Did you know, You can have a robot working for you like a slave, 24 hours a day.. Making sales for you all day and night, and never complaining and giving you no lip! It’s true ~ Automated email campaigns never forget to follow up with a lead. They […]

How To Increase Your Email Open Rates

How to Increase Email Open Rates: First thing – Make sure they got your email in the first place. Easy way to do this is when someone subscribes to your email list (to get your free download, for example).. In your Welcome Email ask them to REPLY with any questions […]