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Why You Need Trust to Be Persuasive

What is Trust? You need it to be Persuasive. Why? Here’s the mind-blowing truth: If I TRUST you, that means I’m Giving You some of my Power. What does that mean? Look, we’re all sovereign “holy” beings existing on this plane. We have perceptions and knowledge about our life and […]

Billionaire Got This from His Poor Dad

Dan Peña, the billionaire from L.A. who now lives in Guthrie CASTLE in Scotland, got a little note from his dad when he was a wee boy, and it read… “The future is yours. Have faith in yourself.” And he still has the note. How ’bout that? He didn’t grow […]

ABBA’s Marketing Secret

On 6 April 1974 this song ‘Waterloo’ was the winning entry for Sweden in the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest. The victory began ABBA’s path to worldwide fame. If you don’t know, that’s the songwriting contest where countries from all over Europe submit their best song of the year and battle […]

Be More Persuasive By Being More Valuable

Persuasion Secret: Know what People Love? VALUE. How do you offer Value? #1. You have to find out what your MARKET a.k.a. the people you’re Selling to Value. So what they love? What do they want more than anything else? What do they jump out of bed excited about? Got […]

Marketing Fried Chicken Abroad: Secret Sauce

This is a KFC in Georgia. (No, not that one.) Georgia the country. Check out the different alphabet on the other side of the sign. Do you think these people know (or care) where Kentucky is? Most Americans barely know where it is! That’s the thing about words.. The words […]

What’s Your Market’s Motivation? True Story of Survival Inside…

Everybody is motivated by the TWO same basic things: Increase Pleasure or Avoiding Pain. Imagine this you’re so excited for New Year’s Eve. You’re at the fair with your buddies, a little tipsy from some mulled wine and you can see your breath in the cold air.. and so excited […]

Funky Flat Earthers and Selling

My jaw dropped to the floor when I realized she really believed this stuff. She was this girl I had seen a few times at the karaoke night I used to go to. Really pretty, had a tattoo of a band I used to listen to on her wrist – […]