Destroy Writer’s Block and Procrastination with THIS

Are you procrastinating again on that deadline? Instead of seeing it as a negative…

Procrastination can serve you by showing that you ought to take a different approach.

An approach that is based in your natural instinctual way of problem solving.

These are probing questions based in the part of psychology called conation, as pioneered by Kathy Kolbe. I recommend checking out her work here.

Sales copywriters tend to share certain characteristics – So without further ado, use THESE probing questions to get unstuck FAST!

You can also use these questions if you find yourself waiting until the last minute to get a project done. Wouldn’t you prefer to get it done ahead of schedule?

Questions To Beat Procrastination and Write

  • What other facts / figures do I need to know to get started?
  • What’s “missing” for me to research… in order to write? Have I read all the provided background info? Do I need to do some digging of my own?
  • What kind of “shortcuts” can I take to get this done faster?
  • Can I try a completely new, fresh approach?
  • What info or steps can I skip or pass up and still get it done at a high level?
  • What would be shocking and grab people’s attention?
  • What new exciting approach can I use for this promotion?
  • How can I “zig” when everybody else is “zagging?”
  • Will this still “do the job” even if it’s not 100% completely perfect? Let’s try it that way, just to make some progress…

If all else fails… Do something else productive!

  1. Lift some weights, go for a run, get some exercise
  2. Stretch, practice yoga
  3. Take an ice bath, jump in the hot tub, sauna
  4. Pull some weeds, do yard work, do routine “boring” mechanical tasks for a while
  5. Set aside 10-15 minutes to do something relaxing… Watch a movie, listen to some music – Then jump back to work
  6. Set a 33 minute timer (Pomodoro Technique) and see just how much you can get done – Probably much more than you think you can do

Hope this helps! Go get ’em.

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