E-commerce Emails Every Serious Store Owner Needs

Why do we build an email list? To grow our business automatically of course.

An active, engaged email list allow us to:

  • Increase the number of customers we have
  • Increase the amount each customer spends with you
  • Increase how often customers buy from you

Here are the email autoresponders you should consider installing in your e-commerce business…

Welcome Sequence

Show people what you’re all about and build brand loyalty: Welcome them to the tribe and show them why you’re different from all the rest.

(Also, make sure they don’t forget about the time they spent on your site.)

Exit Intent Pop-Up Sequence

You do have an exit-intent pop-up installed, right?

Instead of letting visitors leave your site, bribe them with something great and create a new customer

Build Authority By Teaching Something Valuable

Educate your prospects on the value of your product so they shop with Value in mind (so you can sell at higher prices)

This is the easiest way to set yourself apart from the competition: Show them, don’t just tell them.

80/20 Customers Sequence

Big spenders get special treatment with this Big Value sequence that creates hardcore customers for LIFE…

We want to give the top customers extra attention because just 20% of customers will account for 80% of your revenue, more or less.

Time to ReFill Campaign

It’s time to remind your customers to reorder – Set it up on a schedule so customers never forget to buy more products from you.

That package of fish oil capsules they ordered only lasts for a month… Remind them so they don’t forget!

Better yet, enroll them in a subscription and remind them of all the great value they’re getting by being enrolled.

We Love You New Customer! Sequence a.k.a. Reduce Refunds & Churn Rate

Thank your customers and build up brand loyalty by sending a special sequence of emails that makes sure they love (and won’t refund) their new order.

In direct-mail parlance this would be called a “stick letter.” So they “stick around” and try out your product.

It helps get rid of buyers remorse by highlighting the reasons why they bought from you in the first place.

Cross Promotion Sequence

Have something else that would go great with their order? Offer them another product they would love. Why?

It Increases Average Order Size, and if it’s done carefully shows your customer that you really know what they would love… but just didn’t know that you had for sale.

Every Objection Handled Sequence

Some customers REALLY wanted to buy except for that one, particular objection… Answer it and win their business!

You can post a pop-up if you see them lingering on the order page for 30 seconds or so. Ask them why they haven’t ordered yet.

You’ll get some great feedback you can address in your copy and answer questions you didn’t realize were holding people back.

Tell Me What You Love Sequence

Segment your list with a simple survey or quiz – Just ask and customers will TELL YOU what they want.

If you do it the right way, you’ll get tons of valuable intel you can use in your ads and on-page copy to sell more of whatever your company promotes.

You might even get ideas for new products…

Growth Hacking Viral Giveaway and Contests Sequence

In exchange for sharing your Awesome Store with their friends, Give Away something valuable and make more new customers.

If you want to rapidly grow your customer base and get access to new audiences… Try this out for a quick boost to new customers.

Do You Hate Me? Sequence

Remember when you were a teenager in love… It’s been X number of days and still no text message?!

Reengage subscribers who went cold with this sequence… And turn them into buying customers again. ❤

Get Awesome Testimonials and Reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Want more 5-star reviews? Simply ASK for them with this sequence of emails.

All of the 5-star social proof will increase future conversions. Use the word-for-word scripts from reviews in your future sales copy.

Which Emails would you use ASAP if you didn’t have to do any of the writing?

Send me a message right here InboundMarketingDirect.com/contact and let’s see if my copywriting services would be a good match for you.

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