Funky Flat Earthers and Selling

Are you taking marketing advice from “flat earthers?”

My jaw dropped to the floor when I realized she really believed this stuff.

She was this girl I had seen a few times at the karaoke night I used to go to. Really pretty, had a tattoo of a band I used to listen to on her wrist – and she could really sing!

The crowd was going crazy, deafening applause in this English-style pub in the desert when I approached her.

Started talking then went outside where it was quiet (she was smoking, I was just sipping on this gigantic beer)…

Turns out we had a lot in common, grew up in the same part of town, almost went to the same high school and THEN –

– The thing you don’t want to hear when you’re talking to a cute girl:

“You know, I don’t really believe in all that stuff. There’s some lies out there…”

I leaned in conspiratorially, “… the Earth isn’t really round, you know. They have a lot of reasons to make us think so.. but it’s really not.”

This girl was a legit flat-earther.

I had heard about them on the Internet. I’d seen the memes and thought it was all just a big joke. No.

They’re really out there. Not just weird sweaty internet guys in the basement. Pretty girls who can sing just like Amy Winehouse, too.

They have very convincing counter arguments that have just one or two huge flaws. They really believe this stuff. Their arguments can even touch on the real inequalities of our time..

Look, believing the earth is flat is not really such a big deal in the big scheme of things (I mean, it is KIND OF flat, right?)

Honestly, I can have some kooky beliefs too (I think we all do).

I don’t tell friends when I’m dating a girl I really like because I don’t want to jinx it.

I don’t celebrate when I sell something until the payment is processed and the money is in my bank account – Things like that.

As long as your weird beliefs don’t mess with your ability to make a living or help the people you serve in your business, life, relationships… Then it’s all good. You know what I mean?

Lately I’ve noticed that I DID have some messed up beliefs about money and business. But I’m working on all that.

One big one: If you’re not comfortable selling, then you are not making money. Period.

It’s funny because I thought I was so smart.. Knowing how to convince people to buy OTHER PEOPLE’S STUFF with marketing copy, sales pages, Google Ads, etc..

But when it came to hopping on a phone call to see if my services would be helpful for somebody. Nope. Haha! I didn’t even know what to say. It felt so stupid but. Oh well. Live and learn.

Once I got a little help (and investing a reasonable amount of $ in some training) … Boom! Night and day.

It’s not like I’m selling every person I talk to. That’s not the point. The purpose is to have a productive conversation.. To see if what I can offer (sales and marketing services) is a fit.

But I must admit… When it comes to flat-earther diva girlfriends… The answer for me would have to be a slow. tender. Definite “No way…”

But I can admire from afar ?

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