How To Turn Loser Ads Into Money-Making Machines

Fact: Even expert marketers create ads and copy that BOMBS.

A GREAT advertiser will know how to adjust the message and turn that loser promotion into a winner.

It’s a myth to think hiring the $100,000 copywriter will result in 100% guaranteed results.
That’s why any ethical copywriter will tell you so… Before you pay their fee. If your copywriter does not understand this reality… then they’re misguided, new, or are not properly managing your expectations.

3 Main Reasons Why Ads Fail and How to Fix It

These are the three main reasons an ad fails

  • Audience Didn’t What Want You Had – Develop a Better Offer
  • Audience Didn’t See How You Could Help Them – Target a different Pain Point
  • Execute Your Plan More Effectively

Audience Didn’t Want What You Had

The offer isn’t what your market wants – you NEED this to be on point.
An excellent OFFER does most of the selling for you. Focus most of your attention on researching and developing an offer your audience will love.
Either you’re targeting the wrong market or there is no sizable market for what you’re offering.

  • Verify and make sure that there really is a market for your product / service. Look at similar offers. If there aren’t any successful offers already working, it could be a sign that this is not a profitable niche.
  • Package your offer in a different way. Perhaps they didn’t want Protein Shakes but they might love Protein Shakes with a Bonus 60-Day Meal Plan and Muscle-Building Exercise Program for FREE.
  • Position your offer in a unique way. If there are already a ton of similar offers, stand out by addressing a unique pain point or situation that a segment of your market is experiencing that other competitors are ignoring. Perhaps your Protein Shakes are Vegan Friendly.

Audience Didn’t See How You Could Help Them

The problem here is that the message didn’t connect. You always need to connect your product / service with your ideal client’s desired outcome / goals.

Try a different headline that is addicting and causes readers to check out the full ad.

  • Create and test a different headline, leave the rest of the content the same
  • Write a different Subject line or Preheader text for your emails
  • Use proven headline formulas or model headlines that are already successful in your industry

Try a different hook / angle / story to attract the attention and create interest in what you’re offering.

  • Speak to the Problems and Desires your audience already has
  • Address a different pain point or desire
  • If there are too many “me-too” offers, try a completely DIFFERENT angle / approach
  • Find a story and character that your audience can relate to

Problems With Execution

Most people jump to seeing what technical issues could have gone wrong. If everything here was fine (you verified your page was up and visitors were seeing your ads) then you’ll want to go back to the first two sections.

  • Technical Problems such as Broken Links / Checkout Page / Payment Processor issues / Website went down.
  • You have the right market in mind but your ads campaign was targeting the wrong interests for that market.
  • Poor creative execution on the ads, images, copywriting, web design, etc.

If you use a methodical, thoughtful approach to understand your market you will always be able to identify opportunities to be successful.

The campaign that didn’t work the first time can be refined to make future efforts more successful. Sometimes all it takes is a small tweak.

Would you like me to develop a winning marketing campaign for you? Send me a message right here to get started.

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