Marketing Fried Chicken Abroad: Secret Sauce

Mmm, tasty chicken in.. The OTHER Georgia

This is a KFC in Georgia. (No, not that one.) Georgia the country. Check out the different alphabet on the other side of the sign.

Do you think these people know (or care) where Kentucky is? Most Americans barely know where it is!

That’s the thing about words.. The words on the page don’t matter NEARLY as much as the meaning of the words because..

Words and the letters we use are arbitrary. Some people think sales copy is some kind of secret combination lock that will open your customer’s bank account and dump monie$$$ into your pocket.

Well, it’s kinda like that – but not for the reasons you think.

See, words are pictures. Words are emotions.. Or anyway, words CAN create feelings and images in the mind of your prospect.

QUICK! Think: Funky ironic neon green jumping penguins!

I’m not even sure what that is but your brain just tried to imagine that for you, right?

That’s why they’re so powerful, when used correctly and persuasively.. What does it take to get that “secret combination lock” to the big ?? Best place to start is to Understand where your client is coming from.

Then understand where want to go… In this example, they’re going from 1) Hungry, and maybe in a hurry to 2) Satisfied! Full of crunchy delicious American fried chicken and buttery biscuits and gravy, mmm!

Disclaimer: They have delicious fried chicken here already, it’s not like it’s so novel. That smiling Colonel Sanders helps with those other needs.. For novelty, for fun, for something different…

Takeaway is this: Paint the feelings and clearly communicate the transformation your client gets when they work with you. That’s the secret to being persuasive with words.
Easy, write? ??

When was the last time you ate KFC? ?? Me? I prefer the local flavors instead. Let me know in the comments ?

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