Why You Need Trust to Be Persuasive

What is Trust? You need it to be Persuasive. Why?

Here’s the mind-blowing truth: If I TRUST you, that means I’m Giving You some of my Power.

What does that mean? Look, we’re all sovereign “holy” beings existing on this plane. We have perceptions and knowledge about our life and our world.

What if I told you I could help you realize some Deep, Burning Desire? At first, you might tell me to buzz off.
But.. Because I’m super persuasive I use the exact language that cuts to core.
Straight into your guts that, Listen: If you do what I say, You will Get the Thing you want. You will Feel how you want to feel.

Your Life can and SHOULD be the way that you want it because if you simply take THIS action, you will have the Life that you want.

The Impact that you want.

The Love and Acceptance that you want. Yes, even that big ass gold plated Rolls Royce that you want.

But it starts with one step. Trust ME that you this is what you must do to fulfill your full potential in your Life.

Damn, that’s heavy Jonathan. Can you make that a little more PG for the kids? NO!

Being Persuasive is a skill you should be Honored to practice. Because you get deep into the Infinite Potential of the Universe: Human Creativity and Desire.

So if you’re Being persuasive to Sell something. Your product, your service. Do a Great job. Don’t slack off. Accept the responsibility.
Because someone else is Trusting you to save their lives. To get to that next level.
And giving you some money in exchange too.

So use your skills of Persuasion honorably and with respect for the Power you can command, if you choose.

Have a great week, see ya tomorrah. ?

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