Are You Still Missing Out On “Blueberries?”​

It’s lunch time. There’s a mall and train station nearby.

Inside that mall there’s a grocery store.

[Creativity Enhancing Payoff In the End…]

Everyone else is eating fast food in the food court. But somehow I was magnetically attracted into the grocery store. For what? I don’t know.

I meander around the busy grocery store shoppers, the grocery store that is located in the mall has an odd ‘business’ feeling to it.

Even though people are buying dish washing liquid, jars of pickles, and hummus.

I’m a hungry man and I find what could be my lunch – Yogurt.

No.. Dairy is not really my favorite thing to eat.

I stare at some protein bars but there’s too much math on the label. Skip.

There’s a pretty girl and I consider asking where the tea is.

I honestly don’t know where the tea is and I’m always running out of tea anyway, seems like a good excuse to say hello.

But I’m too hungry and I know I came into this grocery store for a reason!

I still don’t know the reason but I have a feeling it’s food-related.

I noticed some chocolate with chili-peppers infused and my Northern Mexican genes long for delicious candy-like expression.

I think about it and laugh at the idea of gorging on an entire tin of spicy chocolate all by myself.

OK – It’s getting serious. But I think I have an idea… It’s sweet. It’s delicious. I mosey by the fruit and… A-ha!

Blueberries, oh my.

They’re so perfectly ripe and delicious right now. They’re plump and sweet.

Not wilty and wrinkly like old blueberries.

And oh! They’re on sale! I can get an entire 250g for just $1.05.

This is Love at first sight. Heaven on Earth.

I snatch them into my greedy little hands and hurry to the self-checkout.

I leave the change in the receptacle. Who needs 2 pennies when there are delicious berries to be eaten… My precious…

Naturally, since I’m in the mall, I head to the food court.

Plop down in an empty space and gaze at my fellow hungry humans. Dining and chatting.

Enjoying the pleasure of eating while conducting important shopping business.

They’re eating KFC boxes and burgers – Huh? What?

Gazing at the sea of humanity I notice that I’m the only one eating the steal-of-a-deal, so tasty and just $1.05 blueberries!

So bizarre, but I’ve no time to waste.

Pop open that plastic box and start chowing down. They’re every bit as delicious as I’d hoped.

Then I wonder – How many opportunities for excellent life expression are missed for lack of proper signage?

What if in that grocery store there was a black and yellow sign – “Enjoy these delicious blueberries in the food court!”

How many more people would I see eating blueberries next to me now?

And everything is like this…

How long was there ice cream before someone invented the ice cream cone?

Surely all the ingredients for both were there since the beginning.

A quick Google search reveals a very estimated 2,524 years between the invention of ice cream and the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair ice cream cone.

Creation waits in eager expectation for the revelation of the sons of God, it has been said.

I think that includes blueberries in the food court at the mall, ice cream, and your next brilliant idea.

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