Super Simple Way To Offer Unique Value with Your Agency

A client asked me to write an email campaign that sounded like, “Ryan Reynolds selling kids toys.”

Once I edited out all the F-bombs and inappropriate sexual references it was a lot easier to do!

Agencies offer what appear to be the same products/services… when they are all described exactly the same way.

You can stand apart in the brains of your customer by simply communicating your message in a unique way.

Connect to some strong emotion, however you can. If you can make them laugh, even better.

When we’re selling stuff in person or on the phone we accomplish this by establishing rapport.

AKA being a real, genuine person and connecting.

Websites, ads, and copy allow us to share our personality and connect, at scale.

So let’s get your marketing to sell for you. Thought you’d like that – Cool.

Hopefully you’re already offering SUPER-MASSIVE value with your service offerings.

As long you’re selling on your website/emails/ads, might as well make that copy sing!

I’m not gonna tell you how to write the copy, all I will say is:

As much as you can, inject your OWN personality into the copy / website / everything.

As long as it’s done:

  • With an attitude of service.
  • It’s clear.
  • And not confusing to your prospect…

Make that Brand Personality someone your clients Know, Trust, and actually Like!

It will help you stand apart just as much (or MORE) as adjusting your offer.

Here are some well-known examples of these “brand avatars:”

  • Ryan Deiss said “DigitalMarketer is Forrest Gump.” Good natured, hard-working, practical.. And a tad idealistic.
  • Brawny® Man – He’s big, strong (*cough* brawny *cough*), and also warm and relatable for families who need to clean up ridiculous amounts of spaghetti sauce
  • KFC was facing declining sales and less were loving their fried chicken. They brought back the Colonel at the relatable “face,” who was good-natured, funny and larger-than-life helped differentiate the franchise from other fast food companies

Use your own already unique human personality to stand apart from the hazy noise of mass-media copy/paste spam robots.

Pens are sharper than swords, so they say…

Discover, or simply decide, what your unique advantage / insight is for your clients… Then communicate that message.

Why not have every possible advantage in your quest to live the lifestyle of your dreams with a wildly profitable marketing agency?

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