What’s Your Market’s Motivation? True Story of Survival Inside…

French revellers spend New Year’s Eve trapped on fair ride – BBC, January 1, 2019

Everybody is motivated by the TWO same basic things: Increase Pleasure or Avoiding Pain.

Imagine this you’re so excited for New Year’s Eve. You’re at the fair with your buddies, a little tipsy from some mulled wine and you can see your breath in the cold air.. and so excited to finally get on the roller coaster after waiting forever in line.

Finally you’re on the ride, it’s so fun! But.. Uh-oh something’s wrong. Oh no, are we in danger?! Is the ride gonna fall apart? Are we safe here?

Then.. you’re just stuck in uncertainty. The rescuers finally come.. In a helicopter! You’re so afraid of heights, it was crazy enough to get on this ride in the first place..

You end up ringing in the new year stuck way up in the cold air above the city. 8 HOURS total waiting..

At first you wanted some excitement – to celebrate! Then you were terrified. Then you were uncomfortably enclosed in this little ride for hours, freezing cold. (Bathroom break anyone?)

This is a true story by the way, hot off the press… There were 8 people, one who was only 13… All survived, no injuries but slightly traumatized.. So always consider your audience’s motivation when making any kind of Offer.

Where are they at in their “story.” Are you gonna offer them helicopter rescue? A thrilling ride to get the adrenaline going?

Or maybe you’ll be like one of the survivors who said, “Next year, I’m staying home with my champagne and biscuits.” .

What would *You* do if you were Trapped up there for EIGHT hours in the cold? (I’d prob need an aerial bathroom break.)
Tell me in the comments ? .
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