Why Music and Sales Copy Sail Into Your Soul

Some of you might know that the first time I was on stage was with a guitar, strumming the first song I wrote.

Here I am talking about direct-response copywriting. Otherwise known as “salesmanship in print.”

That might sound like a strange transition but I assure you it’s not.

Both music and honest-to-god sales copy have the power to sail right past your analytical brain and straight into your heart. 

Your guts and emotions are where decisions happen.

Then your brain bends over backwards to justify logical reasons why your decision was the right one to make.

Such as… “I MUST buy this super expensive audio interface because I was put on Earth to Rock! ??

That’s why sometimes you see people clearly making wacky decisions and thinking they’re doing the right thing.

If you want to use your influence and make a big impact, using this skill will serve you well.

But I know it ain’t everyone’s cup of tea  all of this attraction and persuasion stuff.

Sometimes it’s hard to see what makes you, in particular, so special.

?I assure you, you are, it may just take an “outside perspective” to see it properly.

So if need some help to make more sales and get results.. Just shoot me a message and let’s see about helping you achieve your goals faster.

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